{ My Courtyard }

The crisp waves of the piano filled my ears in a tranquility as golden as the sun itself. Walking through green leaves and sunlight with the slight breeze touching my face, a small stone path awaits to lead me into my courtyard, my home.

The little butterflies are welcoming guests, bustling as they hear and feel the anticipating footsteps of two eager feet and their thought of soft carpet between the toes. They round the corner and hands cannot resist the urge any longer. Fingertips aglow with light dust themselves smoothly over red, orange, and pink collared petals merely escaping the sticky centers where bees have yet to buzz and noses have yet to breathe.

With thoughts running amid the cool breeze my eyes travel with them to the tall arms of branches stretching across the large patch where the sky is meant to be floating, only to notice the harmony of leaves and fluttering wings. Its as if those lilac, fragile wings are the cause for such a gust to blow the trees out of submission and into a melody so calm and enticing I cannot help but close my eyes – just for a moment – to soak in the beauty that is my courtyard, my home.


Any thoughts?

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