{ What is Cherry Avenue? }

Cherry Avenue is my own yellow brick road that begins in OZ.

It exists as the foundation of my dream as a Public Relations professional and is acting as a drive for me and my studies so far.

Starting out as a nickname, ‘cherry’ was simply the colour everyone associated with my lipstick. A loud and bold move from my preferred Lucas Pawpaw lip-balm,  I not-so-dramatically-and-more-gradually rose like a phoenix out of the ashes from my high school years and grew my confidence around a new and self-appreciating soiree.

Possessing a general meaning of “wide street” and “thoroughfare running through the city” I thought “avenue” was a fantastic little ad-on to the goal. Not only does it sound pretty but its literal meaning in to be a main street in a city or town with other good or bad opportunities along the way.

By reading through this blog and commenting or being a part of a team I work with or even a study group you are a part of Cherry Avenue.

If and when this goal of mine becomes a reality, the land on the other side of a whirlwind tornado, it will evolve and embody the yellow brick road of experience my PR consulting has skipped along, and act as a guideline for future clients.


Any thoughts?

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