{ About Me }


“Who am I?” is one of the most difficult questions to respond to with words.

Am I a collector of information, a willing and enthusiastic, driven worker or a leech, a romantic or a cynic, in possession of good or bad taste, or simply a girl with really red lipstick? I mean, I know for certain I love going out and dining at different places, exploring new streets and countries, and trying new cuisine with friends and family. I know I am a person who adores live concerts and theatre productions just as much as a fantastic silver screen film. 

I believe pictures can tell a thousand words in one fraction of a second and that once something is seen it cannot be unseen. Taking into consideration my past years of working in retail and hospitality, I am a person who understands the importance of client satisfaction. If I am working in a Public Relations firm, big or small, I know how the dynamics change and acknowledge the need to adapt as situations evolve.


On a personal level of identifying who I am, I can take a wild stab and say I am a girl of traditional values with a modern twist. I love period films and the values and social norms of societies long gone and wonder sometimes if I was born in the wrong era. I might have made it as a successful and vibrant flapper, but hey, we’ll never know. 

But then I see the social media outlets, the growing demand for something more out of products, and the opportunities in not only society but in career opportunities – such as to work for an esteemed PR firm or create one of my own – and I think to myself, “No, my time is here, and it is now”.

I am full of gumption and ready to embark on a journey through PR.

 I am Brianna Charles.



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