There is no Eric in this Banner.

My banner is a marvelous print screen of my Tumblr archive. Studies have taken a seat in the front row of the priorities show so unfortunately I have not been able to blog as successfully or often as I usually do on holidays. By having a collage of images I believe it represents me remarkably well.

As stated in my About Me write-up, I can be very indecisive when describing myself. I like to dabble in a lot of little things such as movies, books, magazines, different types of music, travel destinations, fashion, and do not even get me started on food and drink! My guilty pleasure, also representing a decent portion of the banner, will forever remain my collection of bridal magazines.

screenshot (2)

Coming a long way from this original screen shot, Photoshop enables me to swap a few of the wonderful images around and edit in my little title and introduction to Cherry Avenue, “Hello, darling”. As the first thing a reader lays eyes on, the banner ultimately sets the tone for the rest of the blog. By capturing the readers attention with a simple yet elegant array of images, it might persuade a trail of thoughts along the lines of, “maybe there is something in here for me”.

There are photos of Italy where I wish to travel next, a snippet of New York where I have been and desperately cannot wait to visit again in December 2013, multiple wedding shots, fashion shoots, friends in heels, the classic image of the soldier kissing the nurse as WWII ended, my favourite television series, books, and tea.

I am in every photo and every word of my banner, and my Cherry Avenue. 


Any thoughts?

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