Another type of picture.

Graphology has been around for decades with people such as Max Pulver studying handwriting and the symbolic meanings of curves, pressure, and spacing of the pen. But with so many people moving to online blogging, graphology is now resonating its foundations and updating to analysing online fonts.

It is almost exactly the same.

Serif fonts are usually for prose whilst sans serif fonts are known for manuals and guidelines. I suppose this is fitting for my blog because personally I would rather someone get to know me through light reading than a need-to-know script. With the “Book Lite” themes’ easy to read typography and consistently aligned design, Cherry Avenue is an ideal blog space for me.


The two fonts that lay claim to this blog are Rage Italic and Century. Rage Italic was used in my header image to convey a hand-written feel to the blog. I wanted the first image to be personal, and to go with that I had to find an authentic font. As part of the “Book Lite” theme, Century is not to be confused with the “fall back” font of Century Gothic. Its bold and elegant design is easy to read against the page, despite the  serif “flicks”, inspires an elegantly yet stylistic page.

Jsut beaucse yuor brian is albe to porcses and raed snetnces when the letetrs are jubmled deos not maen the redaer will ejnoy it. So correct punctuation in letter units is a must – plus makes you look like you know your stuff when you throw in an extra word here and there.

Furthermore, by justifying the paragraphs and having the font so large, it makes the posts the main focus. My previous blog space had widgets down both sides with numerous built-in menus and small and multi-coloured font s that were difficult to read. Having the font all black, capitals for headings, and an underline for links this blog resembles a simple yet stylish media release in a modern yet traditional read.


Any thoughts?

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