Avoid the voicemail of all replies.

“Hi, this is WordPress. Sorry we couldn’t draft this page for you but we’re currently attending to other blogs. Please leave a message in 300 words telling us about yourself and we’ll get back to you.”


So 300 words about myself was not the hardest thing to accomplish… on the fourth attempt. Usually when you have to leave a 10 second message you sound like you’re running a marathon or simply chucking in big words to get your point across.

I was sitting in my bed with a cup of tea after a lovely gym session and was in the zone with my university studies. Hence a subtle stroke in incorporating strengths and weaknesses into the About Me page. My opening paragraph lets readers know I am slightly indecisive and dabble in quite a few media industries. I love a night on the town, seeing films or theatre productions, but I am also committed to my studies and aspirations as a PR professional. It’s all about networking, people.

Simplistic writing – using words that are no more than 4 syllables long – means its easy for readers to skim through the page whilst obtaining only the important bits. Which is all of it. Furthermore, it allows readers to make up their own minds on what they take out from the page.

I wrote I was a “girl of traditional values with a modern twist” which shows I have a solid foundation of my beliefs and characteristics in the workplace and in personality. My modern twist is that I am not afraid to reach out and try something different, whether it be a new internship, a different PR technique, or finding a “wow” factor – my gumption – that enhances the otherwise traditional media text.

meThe photo I have chosen to represent me is one I took on the bus to the QUT Women of Business High Tea. I was feeling confident, I had my favourite pearls and dress on, was looking forward to seeing my friends, plus my hair was not frizzing to the sudden heat wave that was hitting Brisbane.

It demonstrates my classic style of dress and smart casual attire whilst also communicating a fun and energetic personality. Especially with the lipstick. Always with the cherry lipstick.

End of message.


Any thoughts?

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