Books really are judged by their cover.

That may make me among others a little “cover-ist”, but if there is not enough effort put into the cover one may think the book must not be very good. Now, you cannot over-do it either, because, well then the cover might have to suffice as the only good material on the pages. I know this is what I think whenever I am out preying for my next victim to devour.

It is the same concept for themes of a blog.

You cannot over complicate the initial viewing of the page. Readers both online and print are accustomed to reading black writing on a white background, so sticking to that simple foundation is a must. However, I feel your blog should convey you and your traits. For me, I know I am very big on aesthetics. Anything old fashioned or vintage, smells pretty, is sweet, has beautiful colour, a vibrant nature, or a rusty personality to it and I am a goner. It has definitely made it easy on my family when it comes to my birthday gifts!

In this amazing age of digital-natives it can be so easy to identify who you are and your interests with the layout of your blog. Using the “Book Lite” theme I have gone for an old-fashioned typography feel with infinite scroll and a modern twist. With a one column layout and widgets at the bottom of the age, “Book Lite” puts the focus on my paragraphs and outlines the post simply with the date and time posted and a “Leave a comment” option at the end. There are no comment seeds beneath the posts to over-crowd the column, and with a calendar and list of previous posts at the bottom of the page readers are easily guided throughout my WordPress page. 

Overall, the “Book Lite” theme has foregone a lot of editing in order to make the page as visually pleasing as possible without over-crowding the work space. With so much white space and ease in reading, hopefully my fellow “cover-ists” will be invited to read more of what they see!


Any thoughts?

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