Introducing Brianna Charles.

Introducing Brianna Charles

Prepare yourself.

Not necessarily for the career that lies in front of you, but the questions you are asked about the experiences behind you.

I am a nineteen year old demoiselle living in Brisbane studying at the Queensland University of Technology. When I am not writing my Public Relation and Media Communication assessments I am working in a quaint café in the hub of Brisbane City. Acting as my timeless occupation for a student the café allows me to meet new people, catch up with the people I know, and offers me an unprecedented amount of training in people-skills.

One of the top questions going around campus at the moment is, “What is your dream job?” closely followed by, “What is your dream career?”. That can only leave me to assume that they are not one in the same.

So can I reply with, “to read novels, watch every Audrey Hepburn film, or plan weddings and still have a career as a professional Public Relations consultant”?

My dream job is eventually becoming a Public Relations consultant for a variety of firms, basing my expertise with a renowned company such as Rowland, PPR Brisbane, or one founded by myself. However, my ideal hit-the-ground-running firm I start off with would be Butter PR based in Paddington – quaint and full of style, charismatic people, and professionals.

My dream career is to not be stuck in the same place. I would love to travel throughout my career as a PR professional even if it is just around Brisbane to work in different industries with varying media. I never want to know everything; I want to always learn throughout my career enabling me to evolve with the times and adapt to the times that have yet to come. And I love meeting new people and preserving relationships.

Public Relations is the avenue I am taking because it revolves around those relationships created in all aspects of business and industries. As for the job specification I am happy to have an array of options still available to me throughout my degree.

My strengths revolve around my networking abilities. Although an efficiently independent student and writer, working in and around people is something I have always done. I have grown up a digital native with technological skills, can discipline myself to sit down and edit my final product to the last detail – a gift and a curse – and I always remember a face.

In weakness I suffer from lack of experience. An office job has little flexibility for a university student with a 5-day work week and vice-versa, so like every other student I am labelled “time-poor”. I also need to work on my own style of writing and branching out of my report format structures. Hopefully by the end of my blog the personality I project is neither a Serena Van der Woodsen-like gossip column nor a psychotic Macbeth monologue. 

There are opportunities through the QUT Career Hub that I can access, plus possible contacts with previous tutors and friends who work for different organisations. Even through knowing some of the marketing managers and general customers at the cafe I have yet to ask for a “back door” entry job. Furthermore, there is an opening market for social media that has yet to move up to its full potential I could be a part of.

My biggest threat in attaining my dream career is first and foremost myself. I have to put in the hard yards now in order to achieve a career in public relations I am happy with. By acknowledging this, I can overcome not having experience compared to other graduates and immerse myself into the expanding social media industry.

Nevertheless, I am an aspiring student caught in the hustle and bustle of business and the bright glistening lights of media’s potential.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Brianna Charles.

    • Hey there!
      Yeah it has been a crazy couple of weeks. I’m afraid I am in the 1pm computer lab, but I am sure I will be contacting you through WP.
      Lovely to make your acquaintance, Peter.

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